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Hannah Kung Fu -To'A

Persian Martial arts

Controlling of Encroachment

We offer the personal safety and self-defence course from our 2 locations in London

"As a tiger be thou rapacious and enlarged,

but pass thou silently .. along the side of a vulnerable she deer"

Prof. Ebrahim Mirzaii


What is Kung Fu To'A?

Kung Fu To'A or Kon Kafu TavAn is a Persian martial art developed by Prof. Ebrahim Mirzaii in the 70's in Iran.

Grandmaster Mirzaii, using all his wisdom and knowledge, developed and created a very own and unique style, allowing all body energy to be used at its best. Toa is not just another style of Kung Fu, it is a very complex combination of Northern and Southern Shaolin.

Kon Kafu TavAn stemmed from Kung Fu To'A with more complex and developed techniques with a strong spiritual side, but these days Kun Kafu TavAn is not known as much as Kung Fu To'A. However, a few masters still have the knowledge and are teaching it. These days Kung Fu To'A is taught all over the world.

This martial art was used to be taught for over four decades in Iran and the style rapidly became known and found many followers outside Iran.

In Kung Fu To'A,  as in virtually all martial arts, there are both physical and mental aspects of training.


Kung Fu To'A is known to have powerful techniques and philosophy but is commonly known for its fighting attributes.  People are distant to its philosophy because in other sports like other martial arts, the philosophy hasn't been brought up to the surface much. Other martial arts are being practiced just as a physical activity, without any mention of the philosophy or the life style. People only have been trained to  punch, smack or kick.

Kung Fu To'A is different because it had been taught directly, first hand from Prof. Ebrahim Mirzaii. For instance we have a chance to practice while grasping a part of the philosophy of the Persian martial arts Kung Fu To'A (Kung Fu To'A).


Kon Kafu TavAn or Kung Fu To'A is simultaneously a spiritual and a physical discipline and has been designed to benefit body and mind and would improve the length and quality of our life side.

Trough practicing Kung Fu To'A you would be able to improve breathing through functions to help the body.

In order to learn Kung Fu To'A you need  to at least practice three years, during these years you will become more mature on techniques and meditation and learning in Kung Fu To'A, everything around you would change to harmony and purity . 

In Kung Fu To'A you would learn how to use your opponents space and control them and strengthen your defences by controlling your mind and body and develop your confidence.

Kung Fu To'A designed to improve your health and provide you with practical self-defence skills.

One of the things that makes Kung Fu To'A unique is that the techniques have been scientifically designed to work in harmony with the human body making them "sometimes easy to learn" and so effective to use.

The primary of Kung fu To'A is spiritual development !



Will I get hurt when I am training?

Well, it is a martial art, so we can't promise anything. However, you're more likely to be injured playing football than you are in a our class. People very rarely get more than a knock, even the accident prone ones. Kung fu To'A is about creating harmony around you even when you are in Otaime, so whatever happens around you, you have knowledge about the situation you are in.


Is there any age limit to start Kung Fu To'A?

Well, we don't believe in age, you can start any martial arts at any age, it's very much down to the individual. Practicing Kung fu To'A can be starts at any age.

Never forget this, you're never too old! The beauty of Kung fu To'A is you can be doing it well even into your eighties.

Master Geraminedjad in his 70s


How many women do you have in the club?

Generally our clubs in Europe have a good percentage of female students. But as we just started in UK we can't bring up any percentage at the moment.




I'm not very fit, will I be able to cope?

Don't worry, you'll get fit over time. Most people are unfit when they join the club. the exercises are combination of Kung fu To'A and yoga and they will  gradually prepare you for more advanced techniques.

Practices might seems difficult during the first 3 months, but you will get used to it and enjoy it much as Kung Fu To'A in involved with yoga to make you feel good about anything around you.



Will you be able to show my child how to deal with bullies?

Yes, we'll teach them to deal with them and, if need be, defend themselves. What we won't do is, teach your child how to beat someone up. However you'll find as your child continues to train, their self-confidence will increase. The more self-confidence you have, the more the bullies will leave you alone.